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Know your market instantly with MOI

Posted by Gerald Bodle on February 2, 2024


Months of Inventory (MOI) is our go-to metric for a quick and easy understanding of the market dynamics at any level. MOI instantly reveals the time it would take to sell all current inventory at the current sales pace.


MOI = Active Listings / Properties Sold per Month

Interpreting MOI

MOI condenses complex market dynamics into an easily digestible number. A low MOI signals a seller’s market where sellers hold firm on pricing, while a high MOI suggests a buyer’s market, allowing for buyers to gain negotiating leverage.

When and Where to Use MOI

MOI’s simplicity doesn’t compromise its effectiveness in segment-specific analysis. Calculating MOI for different property types or geographic areas quickly pinpoints strengths and weaknesses.

Real-Time Adaptability

Markets change, and MOI changes with them. As external factors impact real estate, MOI offers a real-time reflection of market adjustments. This adaptability is essential for staying ahead in a dynamic environment.

Investors and homeowners can make quick and informed decisions when they understand MOI. Convinced?

Contact us today for a custom calculation for your area and/or market segment.

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